The N.I.E Number is a tax identification number in Spain, formally the Número de Identidad de Extranjero. The Spanish government links the N.I.E number to various other departments such as Social Security and residency and all foreigners are required by law to obtain an N.I.E number for the purchase or sale of real estate, vehicle and boats, or in order to work or study. You will also need one to obtain a Padron from the town hall and to register with a doctor, to open a bank account or have a contract for electricity and telephone services and for most credit card purchases.

Spanish people have an equivalent but it is called a D.N.I number.

In theory, you have to renew the NI..E every three months. In reality, you just renew it as and when you need to have an up to date one

Application for an N.I.E is quite straight forward, and we can help you with this for a low charge of 35€ per person, plus the cost of the application which is around 10€.