Land For Sale Lel, Pinoso, Alicante

SKU: MH 3959
Property type: Land


Various large plots of land for sale, in beautiful countryside setting with great views, close to Pinoso
These plots are close together and all are planted with almonds. Access is via a tarmac road for most of the way, then dirt track
Some have water and none have electricity connected but connection points are close by
Some plots are too small for building but will support a caravan or are ideal for cultivating crops

PLOT 1 parcela 89,     1,406m2      €1.42 per m2    €2,000    with water and almonds
PLOT 2 parcela 99,     16,355m2    €1.30 per m2    €21,261with water and almonds
PLOT 3 parcela, 101    9,600m2    €1.30 per m2    €12,480 with almonds
PLOT 4 parcela 103,    9,450m2    €1.30 per m2    €12,285 with almonds

PLOT 5  parcela 186   9,726m2     €2.70 per m2    €26260 with water and electricity
PLOT 6 parcela 168    3,619m2     €2.00 per m2    €72.38  with water and almonds
PLOT 7 parcela 170    77,180m2    €2.00 per m2   €154,380  with water
PLOT 8 parcela 178    52,300        €2.00 per m2    €104,600 with water

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