Jumilla is a municipality located in the province of Murcia and is well known for wine production. The wine region covers an area of 33,000 hectares and consists of 35 vineyards (Bodegas), which produce 220,000 hl of wine annually with their own Denominación de Origen. Each year in August there is a famous wine fiesta to celebrate the harvest, La Vendimia, and it is a fiesta not to be missed
Jumilla’s economy is based on agriculture. The main cultivation are vineyards, olive trees and fruits trees and Jumilla is also home to a large photovoltaic solar power farm, which consists of 120,000 solar panels and covers 100 hectares (247 acres). The farm’s total annual production will be the equivalent of the energy used by 20,000 homes and is expected to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 42,000 tons a year
The town is steeped in history and cultural heritage, and a great many traces of its evolution are still visible today, but history is not Jumilla’s only resource; the surrounding countryside is also a major attraction for nature lovers: the Sierra de Carche, the Sierra Larga or the Sierra de Santa Ana, among others, where visitors can admire the beautiful flora and wild fauna.
Jumilla is a safe and friendly place to live and owning a property in Jumilla puts you at the heart of a genuine community – with all the amenities you need for day-to-day living on your doorstep.
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