Novelda is a town located in the province of Alicante and has a population of 27,135 inhabitants.
It is a major centre of the marble industry and has important quarries and mines of marble, limestone, silica, clay and gypsum. There are also several natural and salty lakes, vineyards and large saffron fields
It was probably settled by Greeks, although some centuries later it was conquered by the Moors.
Lots of 17th century architecture can be seen around main of the main plazas and you will find plenty of bars, shops and restaurants
Places of tourist interest in Novelda include the monastery of Santa María Magdalena (dated from the 19th century), the Moorish castle of the Mola, with its unique triangular tower, and the Museum of Moderisn. This is a well preserved art nouveau house with original artifacts from the 1920s and in itself is a work of art. Close by is the Sanctuario de Santa Maria Magdalena, a most impressive church designed by a disciple of Gaudí,
Owning a property in Novelda puts you at the heart of a genuine community – with all the amenities you need for day-to-day living on your doorstep.

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